We are committed to offering an extensive service for all our cattle clients, whether they have 500 cows or just 5.  We do not charge a fee to visit our clients’ farms, within a radius of 30 miles from our surgery in Easingwold.  Our charges are usually based on time spent on the farm.

We always have two of our own veterinary surgeons on duty out of hours, ensuring attention to all emergencies by a familiar veterinary surgeon.  We regularly hold farmers’ meetings and training days to keep abreast of the latest information.  Our range of services include:

For dairy farmers:

  • Ultrasound scanning for pregnancy diagnosis.
  • Fertility monitoring with Interherd.
  • Mastitis and cell count control plans with Interherd and The Dairy Co. Mastitis Control Plan.
  • Bull Fertility Testing – about 20% of bulls in the UK are sub-fertile.
  • ‘Dye testing’ (Fallopian tube patency test) for valuable ‘repeat breeders’.
  • Herd Health Planning.
  • Infectious disease control.
  • Metabolic monitoring and advice.
  • In-house worm egg counts.

For beef farmers:


  • Fertility visits and pregnancy diganosis (wireless ultrasound available).
  • Bull fertility and soundness examinations.
  • ‘Dye testing’ (Fallopian tube patency test) for valuable ‘repeat breeders’.
  • Herd health planning and infectious disease control.
  • CHeCS cattle health scheme monitoring.
  • Metabolic monitoring and advice.

Bovine Scans