• Routine and emergency first opinion services for horses, ponies and donkeys.
  • On-site laboratory facilities for emergency cases, plus rapid access to specialist laboratories.
  • Lameness investigations including radiography (portable x-ray machine) and nerve blocks.
  • Routine surgical procedures including castration.
  • Flexible endoscopy and ultrasonography (pregnancy diagnosis).
  • Advice on vaccination and worming, including in-house faecal egg counts, to ensure safe and effective prevention of disease.
  • Identichipping.
  • Sedation for clipping and farriery.
  • Competitively priced dental services (including power-floating) provided by trained operators from our own practice.
  • Close working relationships with neighbouring horse practices  facilitating prompt referral of cases requiring specialist care.

Important Information for Horse Owners

Please note that we will no longer be sending reminders for vaccinations.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your horse is up to date with all vaccines and that they are done within the relevant time period.  Howells Veterinary Services Ltd accepts no responsibility for vaccinations which have lapsed.

For more details relating to our vaccination reminders, please click this link.