Sheep & Goats

We cater for all sheep and goat farmers ranging from those with large commercial flocks and dairy goat herds to those with just a few.Our out of hours care is provided by two of our own veterinary surgeons so you will always be seen by someone who has direct access to your farm history.
 We can provide:

  • Flock and herd health planning – to help maintain and improve the health, welfare and productivity of your stock.
  • On-site laboratory facilities e.g. rapid faecal egg counting service to enable us to advise you on the sustainable control of parasites, minimising the risk of anthelmintic resistance on your farm.
  • Pre-breeding ram soundness examinations (‘Tup MOTs’) including semen collection and evaluation.
  • Routine procedures including dis-budding and ultrasound scanning of goats.
  • Metabolic monitoring and advice.
  • We are happy to provide advice on individual animals and health planning to the owner of a small flock or herd.